Consultancy Services

MechSim is committed to help its customers with their simulation needs. We aim to do so not only by offering state of the art simulation softwares, but also by providing them with engineering services for FEA simulations.
Finite element analysis is widely used to do predictive analysis for engineering designs. It is used to help cut down the number of prototypes required along with time to market for the products. They are also increasingly used to optimize designs, rather their just verifying their strength.  Finite Element Analysis Simulations are increasingly used during design phase to get more complex products to market faster.

We undertake following analysis:
• Static Equilibrium Analysis (Linear / Nonlinear)
• Eigen value Analysis (Real / Complex)
• Transient Response Analysis (Linear / Nonlinear)
• Frequency Response Analysis (Linear / Nonlinear)
• Random Analysis (Linear / Nonlinear)
• Modal Analysis
FE modelling takes up the most time in FEA analysis process. Solution is mostly  driven while software, while post-processing is dependent on the engineer visualizing result. The pre-processing or meshing process takes up the most time for an FEA analysis. We provide FE modelling services, to help you concentrate on more important task of analysing results. We provide FE modelling for tetra, quad and tria mesh for all the major analysis. FE modelling done for following solver interfaces:

• Ansys
• Abaqus
• NX Nastran
• MSC Nastran

We serve a multitude of industries including:
• Automotive & Transportation
• Aerodynamics
• HVAC & Refrigeration
• Biomedical
• Oil & Gas
• Power & Process
• Material Handling
• Turbomachinery
• Heavy Machinery
• Medical Devices
• Electrical Devices & Electronic Systems
• TSV-Pre
• TSV-Solver
• TSV-Post
We are also authorized reseller for the above mentioned software
• Qualified CAE Engineers
• Competitive Pricing
• Fast and Accurate delivery of result
• To Reduce the time to market for a product
• Reduce the number of prototypes
• Decrease the physical testing