Jupiter Designer

Jupiter Designer is a FEA software specially designed for CAD Engineers. It has a very intuitive interface where an FEA analysis could be quickly completed in few minutes. This can allow CAD designers to focus on further iterations and optimization of their design.

GUI of Windows® ribbon format

Familiar Ribbon format used in Excel and PowerPoint  is employed in the user interface. It is easy to intuitively search for a command.

Unlimited Undo and Redo

All operations are stored in the program, you can return to the original using the Redo and Undo button, and you can try again. Even if you set a wrong parameter or operation can still be revoked, ensure data security and reliability.


Centralization of information in assembly tree

Completeness and correctness of the model to solve can be determined through the part attribute information, load information are displayed in the assembly tree. Entire model parts data can be checked directly in the assembly tree.

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Jupiter Model processing capacity

Easily import complex assembly model

You can import complex CAD model assembly structure.

Successfully imported more than 1000 parts assembly model

Using VBO, FBO excellent graphics technology

You can easily connect the contact surface between the components.

Improved graphics display performance

VBO, and use the new OpenGL technology such as FBO, provides unrivalled graphics performance. You can smoothly operate even in very large scale model of more than 10 million nodes.


Easy connection in the contact table

Automatic search can extract all the contact area and contact conditions set. Allows users to easily complete the assembly contact analysis model.

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Immediate Result Evaluation

Same operating environment for post processing results

Same Unified style of operation and interface display for Pre-Processing and Post-processing

CAD feature can also be used along with 3D mice

Calculation results are automatically output

One-button automatic report output.

Support shell elements, beam elements display

Shell elements, beam elements accurately display the results.

Look and feel integration of Pre and Post

A consistent operational environment is available by integrating the look and feel of the Pre processor and Post processor. Useful information such as the part name and assembly structure can also be used together in the Pre and Post.


Integrate specification of 3D mouse

To integrate the specification of 3D mouse in Pre products and Post product, it was built on the ribbon interface. This provides a common operation interface in Pre and Post.


CAD feature reference function

Select the CAD features such as the face or edge which is followed from Pre to Post. Ability to retrieve node or element is also added.


Automatic reporting

Analysis results can directly generate analysis report in form of a Powerpoint Presentation. Boundary conditions of the model, mesh, maximum stress evaluation and stress contour plots are automatically generated.


  • Combined interface for pre-processing, solver and post-processor
  • Backed by proven Japanese technology
  • Terminologies and interface built for CAD engineer
  • A comprehensive CAE tool used in similar form by CAE engineers. Not just a bundled simulation package of a CAD tool.
  • Highly automated tool. Reports are generated automatically as well.
  • Quick time for analysis
  • Can handle very complex and large models
  • Cost effective solution, at par with the cost of a 3-D CAD software
  • User-friendly interface
    • Adoption of Windows, Excel, and PowerPoint similar interface layout and operating practices.
    • Easy to understand and easy to use dialog design.
  • Return from incorrect operation
    • Unlimited Redo and Undo command function.
  • View model information
    • Assembly tree information for unified management model.
  • Boundary Conditions confirmation mode
    • With a variety of colour display mode.
  • Unit conversion material parameters
    • The unit system of documents and input at any time can be switched.
  • Language System
    • Available in Japanese, English and Chinese language interface
  • Confidence in the operation of the software environment
    • Relational database, comprehensive data management program to enhance program stability.